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4-in-1 Digital Binocular Camera
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Get a closer view. Plan a great adventure. Capture the world differently.

Love the view through binoculars? Want pictures that show that same view? The unique 4-in-1 Digital Binocular Camera features a specially designed 5X telescopic lens. That, combined with its high-speed shutter, lets the built-in digital camera produce amazing freeze-frame action pictures. It stores 75 images in VGA (640 x 480 resolution) or 300 images in CIF (352 x 288 resolution). Finally, you can document the view through your binoculars so you and others can experience it for years to come. These binoculars record video clips (up to 13fps), too. Images easily download to your computer via included USB cable and software disc. 4-in-1 Capability: Binoculars + Digital Camera + Digital Video + PC Camera. Get ready to see things clearer and closer and now, on your computer screen.


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