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A Refreshing
Way To Recycle

We all know how important it is to recycle and reduce, and our innovative bottle design is doing both. The 100% recyclable half-liter bottle can be twisted down to half of its original size. That means an end to overflowing recycle bins and the beginning of a fun new way to remember to recycle your empty bottles. So Twist loud and proud because recycling your DASANI bottles helps create new backpacks, t-shirts, rugs, shoes and of course, more DASANI bottles.

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Dasani Drops™ flavor enhancer Drop into delicious™

Wake up water! DASANI DROPS is blasting
into your bottles with a burst of delicious flavors.

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Sparkle with DASANI

A delicious way to add refreshment
to your day, DASANI Sparkling is unsweetened with no artificial flavors
and zero calories.

Did You Know?

The slogan “Ice Cold Sunshine” was 1st used for Coca-Cola in 1932.