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A Refreshing
Way To Recycle

We all know how important it is to recycle and reduce, and our innovative bottle design is doing both. The 100% recyclable half-liter bottle can be twisted down to half of its original size. That means an end to overflowing recycle bins and the beginning of a fun new way to remember to recycle your empty bottles. So Twist loud and proud because recycling your DASANI bottles helps create new backpacks, t-shirts, rugs, shoes and of course, more DASANI bottles.

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Dasani Drops™ flavor enhancer Drop into delicious™

Wake up water! DASANI DROPS is blasting
into your bottles with a burst of delicious flavors.

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Sparkle with DASANI

A delicious way to add refreshment
to your day, DASANI Sparkling is unsweetened with no artificial flavors
and zero calories.

Did You Know?

Since 1985 The Coca-Cola Foundation has donated over $160 million to education.