Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: How does My Coke Rewards for Schools work?
A: My Coke Rewards for Schools is a way for parents friends and others in the community to support local schools by donating points earned from hundreds of participating packages and turning them into things like athletic equipment, books, classroom supplies and more. Authorized representatives from accredited public and private schools can register their school at Once the school is registered, it can redeem any donated points and get rewards for the school.
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Q: What schools are eligible to participate in MCR for Schools?
A: Any accredited public or private school (grades K–12) in the U.S. that is listed on the My Coke Rewards for Schools site can join the program, including schools that currently serve competitive products. Home schools, prison schools, and some other non-standard schools are not eligible for participation.
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Q: How does a school register for My Coke Rewards for Schools?
A: 1) An authorized school representative, like a designated PTA/PTO member, school administrator, or teacher goes to 2) Click on “Register Today” then enter the zip code or city/state to find your school. 3) Confirm this is the correct school, then complete the steps and designate a School Coordinator (including the person’s name, email and title). The School Coordinator is responsible for driving community support and redeeming rewards on behalf of the school. This person will have access to the school’s online account, download tools and tips and can opt-in to receive email communications from My Coke Rewards for Schools. Once the registration is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the School Coordinator and to the School Principal.
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Q: What should I do if I want to register my school and it is not listed?
A: Only accredited K-12 schools in the U.S. are eligible to join. Make sure you have looked under the correct zip code or city for your school. If you are still unable to find your school and believe that it should be eligible to participate, please contact us and provide the exact name and address of your school. We will verify the school information and request that your school be added to the database. Our database is updated quarterly, so it could take up to 90 days to add a new school.
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Q: When can schools register for the program? Is there a cut-off date to participate?
A: Schools can register for the program at any point during the school year. However, the earlier a school registers, the more points it will be able to collect before the end of the school year.
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Q: My school is not registered for My Coke Rewards for Schools. How can I share information about the program and help them get registered?
A: Members can go to and click on the link “Invite Your School Principal” to forward an email with information about the My Coke Rewards for Schools program and how to get the school registered.
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Q: What is the role of a School Coordinator?
A: School Coordinators are the program ambassadors for My Coke Rewards for Schools. It’s up to this person (don’t worry, we’ll help) to be the driving force to get your school, parents, friends and other members of the community educated about how they can participate by donating points. The School Coordinator has access to your school’s online account, is able to receive and download tips and tools to drive community support, and redeem rewards on behalf of the school
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Q: If I am a School Coordinator, can I also become a My Coke Rewards member?
A: Yes, you can be a School Coordinator for your school as well as maintain your own My Coke Rewards account. As a School Coordinator you can enter codes for your school directly into the account for the school so you do not need a separate My Coke Rewards account to do this.
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