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Real Simple® Magazine 1-Year Digital Subscription

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What You Get

Make life easier. Work smarter. Inspire yourself.

The digital edition ofREAL SIMPLE® is more than a magazine, it's a solution to making life easier. Do you want organization? Are you looking to save money? Seek inspiration? Now you can enjoy REAL SIMPLE - no matter where you are - with the digital edition!

What You Need To Know

This digital code will be delivered via email only, to the email address associated with your My Coke Rewards® Account. If you have changed your email address since creating your Account, please be sure to update it prior to redeeming. The digital edition is available on iPad®, Kindle Fire™, NOOK™, Google Play™, Next Issue® and on the Windows 8 operating system through the Next Issue® and NOOK™ apps. Please go to www.realsimple.com/customerservice for more information on how to access REAL SIMPLE on your device. REAL SIMPLE is published 12 times a year and may also publish occasional extra issues. Offer is valid in the US only.
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