My Coke Rewards for Schools 140 Point Donation

140 pts.

What You Get

Give students the tools for success. Make school a priority. Donate points for a brighter future.

My Coke Rewards for Schools enables parents and others in the community to support local schools so they can purchase the physical education, sports, technology, art and/or classroom supplies they need. Donate 140 of your My Coke Rewards points and empower students to do, learn and discover more every day. Who'd have guessed that drinking your favorite Coca-Cola product could help schools in your area?!? Now that's refreshing.

You can also choose to top your points donation off with a cash donation, or donate cash only.


What You Need To Know

Any elementary or secondary accredited public or private school in the U.S. listed in the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) database at is eligible, including U.S. Department of Defense schools.

Points donated will be converted to cash and your selected school will receive payment to be used on physical education, sports, technology, arts and/or classroom supplies. In addition to points, MCR members can donate cash directly to their school of choice through our new partner, Kula, the world's largest charitable giving platform. Click here for more information.
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