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Clinishield Instant Hand Sanitizer - 16 oz.

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Students will enjoy good clean fun, kill germs quickly and keep good hygiene handy.

If there's one thing that's important at schools, it's keeping germs at bay. The CliniShield instant hand sanitizer can help. It's is an alcohol-based sanitizer for rapid germ killing activity when handwashing facilities are not readily available and hands are free of dirt and soil. Wondering about effectiveness? It demonstrates a greater than 99% kill in 15 seconds or less against antibiotic resistant bacterias including MRSA and VRE. It kills 99.99% of common germs that can cause and spread disease and viruses. And it contains a humectant that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after the product dries and helps to prevent skin from drying out. Doesn't your school deserve one?

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