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For a list of confirmed winners to date, Click here , select the rules for this contest, and follow the instructions in the Sweepstakes Results section, or send an email with the specific contest name in the Subject Line to by the date indicated in the rules.We have lots of other sweeps you can enter, plus more fun ways to spend points, so please take a look around .

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Enjoy real Coke taste and zero calories. Make it the refreshment for your theater room. Call friends to enjoy your new room.

Enter for a chance to instantly win a Best Buy® home theater system, Coke Zero®, RITZ and WHEAT THINS for a year or other great prizes. The grand prize winner will enjoy Coke Zero, RITZ and WHEAT THINS for life! When it comes to watching the big game or movie night, everyone will be coming to your place, because you have the theater experience and the snacks.

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