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10¢/gal savings on fuel

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What You Get

What's better than saving on fuel with the Fuel Rewards NetworkTM program?

Convert 40 of your My Coke Rewards Points into 10¢/gal in Fuel Rewards® savings redeemable at any participating Shell or other select fuel station.

What You Need To Know

Disclaimer: Must have a Fuel Rewards NetworkTM Account to activate your FRNTM Rewards Code. Limit one conversion per MCR Member, per month. FRNTM Rewards Codes are valid until December 31,2013. Once the FRNTM Rewards Code has been activated at fuelrewards.com, those Fuel Rewards® savings will expire on the last day of the month, two months after the month in which they are earned, unless the Fuel Rewards NetworkTM program is otherwise cancelled or terminated. For example, rewards earned in the month of April expire on June 30th. All Fuel Rewards NetworkTM program Terms and Conditions apply. Please see fuelrewards.com for Fuel Rewards NetworkTM program details and complete Terms and Conditions. Redeem Fuel Rewards® savings converted from My Coke Rewards Points at any participating Shell or other select fuel station. Limit 20 gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle. The Fuel Rewards NetworkTM program is administered by Excentus Corporation. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. More information can be found here.
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