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          Give Happiness

          We can all pitch in to make our world a better place.

          Your Points Can Make a Difference

          The New My Coke Rewards for Schools

          Children everywhere deserve to get the most out of their education. Help make it happen. Donate points or cash to a K-12 school.

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          Donate Your Points To A Special Cause And Make A Big Difference

          Coca-Cola Is Working To Keep The World Happy

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          All merchandise is made from
          recycled PET bottles, so you will
          not only look good, but feel good this fall.

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          Code expires 1/31/16.
          Order will be fulfilled
          within 4-6 weeks.


          EKOCENTER 101

          Watch this short film and discover how
          Coca-Cola and its partners are helping improve
          communities by providing access to water, electricity and internet in a model social enterprise, they call EKOCENTER.

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          Women And The Chain
          Of Inspiration

          Every parent dreams of giving their child a better life. Here’s to the moms who #MakeItHappen with our 5by20 program.

          Watch the video to earn +3 Status.

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          +3 Status

          made with care

          Help us empower 5 million women
          entrepreneurs from around the globe.
          Purchase unique gifts from these local
          female artisans at the Coca-Cola Store today.

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          While supplies last.


          Celebrate Africa

          May 25 is Africa Day, an annual celebration of African unity. Our EKOCENTERs are providing local communities throughout Africa with a place to come together.

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